Turboflame V Flame Torch Lighter

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The V Flame Torch Lighter, a precision twin flame for powerful, windproof ignition in a sleek design. A quality product by Turboflame.

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the Turboflame® V Flame Torch Lighter, a must-have for DynaVap enthusiasts seeking precision and reliability. Crafted for optimal performance, this windproof lighter features two laser jet flames converging to a single point, generating a powerful flame with temperatures reaching up to 1300°C.



It is capable of burning at any angle, even upside down, it provides safe ignition for various applications.


Instructions for Use:

  1. Use recommended butane gas marked "Triple Refined," "Ultra Refined," or "Near Zero Impurities."
  2. Click here for Turboflame refill instructions.
  3. Always exercise caution while using a Torch Lighter.


Key Features:

  • Manufacturer: Turboflame®
  • Dimensions: 7.6cm x 3.8cm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Colours: Matte Black, Matte Olive, Neon Orange
  • Type: Twin Flame Torch Lighter


Click here for Turboflame refill instructions

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Matte Black, Matte Olive, Neon Orange


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