DynaVap XL Maple DynaStash

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Keep your XL VapCap stylishly stored with the DynaStash XL. Features an integrated magnet for easy cap removal and secure storage.


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High-quality wood...

Maximise your vaping convenience with this XL Maple DynaStash from DynaVap. Crafted from high-quality wood, this storage case is designed to accommodate your XL or XLS VapCap (109mm) with ease, even when it's still hot.


It not only provides a secure spot for your VapCap but also includes additional space for a reserve of vaping material, ensuring you're always ready for your next session.

The Magnet...

The XL Stash features an integrated magnet, allowing for effortless cap removal and providing a convenient way to keep your XL VapCap upright and easily accessible. Plus, you can attach the DynaStash XL to any magnetic surface for convenient storage.


Please note: All DynaStash's are made of wood, colours may vary, adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

Key Features:

  • Manufacturer: DynaVap
  • Compatibility: DynaVap XL, DynaVap XLS
  • Colour/Material: Maple, Wood



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