Simrell FMJ Full Metal Jacket

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The FMJ copper jacket is designed for easy use with Captive Caps, offering precise heat retention for optimal extraction… and no more spinning!!

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Introducing the FMJ...

The Full Metal Jacket – a game-changer for DynaVap vaporisers equipped with Captive Caps. Say goodbye to tedious cap rotations and hello to effortless vaping sessions. The FMJ slides seamlessly over your Captive Cap, locking it in place with a snap, ideal for users with dexterity concerns. No more spinning is required!

Pure Copper...

Crafted from 99.99% pure copper, the FMJ boasts exceptional thermal retention, maintaining heat for a full 60 seconds to facilitate one-hit extractions. But that's not all – the FMJ's logo serves as a target for torch positioning, ensuring consistent heating for perfect results every time.

Why copper, you ask? Copper's superior heat distribution eliminates the need for cap rotation, acting as a thermal reservoir for even temperature distribution throughout the chamber. This means you can tailor your extraction density and darkness during the first heat cycle with ease.

Airport (no, not where the planes live)...

By covering the airport on your stem, you can adjust the pressure and temperature inside the chamber, allowing for customised extraction density. Keep the airport closed for a robust roast or open for a milder, lighter extraction.


PLEASE NOTE: DynaVap, Captive Cap, and torch lighters are sold separately.

Key Features:

  • Manufacturer: The Simrell Collection
  • Colour/Material: Copper
  • Type: DynaVap Cap Heating Sleeve
  • Device Compatibility: DynaVap Cap (not included)



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