DynaVap M Vaporizer Special Edition

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Experience the unique DynaVap M Vaporizer. Choose from RosiuM or VerdiuM for a distinctive, battery-free, and portable vaping journey.


The DynaVap M Vaporizer Special Edition is where style meets functionality. Choose from 2 captivating colours:

  • RosiuM: A vibrant blend of purples and golds.
  • VerdiuM Make your life a little greener with the highly anticipated VerdiuM! Featuring a range of hues, including yellows and blues.

The DynaVap M Vaporizer, renowned for its battery-free design, combines stainless steel durability with electronic-free simplicity. Experience vaping freedom with any heat source, though a butane torch or induction heater is recommended for optimal flavour. The tapered mouthpiece snugly fits a 10mm female water tool joint.


Disclaimer: Special Edition M colours vary, offering a unique experience beyond product pictures.


The DynaVap M Vaporizer is a versatile dry herb vaporiser with stainless steel construction and no electronic parts. Designed for dry herb or concentrates, it offers dynamic experiences from microdosing to complete extraction.


How to Use:

  1. Remove the Cap.
  2. Load dry herb into the Tip chamber/bowl.
  3. Place the Cap back on the Tip.
  4. Heat the Cap with a Torch or Induction Heater until it Clicks (takes ~5-7 seconds).
  5. Inhale from the mouthpiece end.
  6. The Cap clicks again when cooled down.
  7. Repeat heating for more extraction.
  8. Clean the device regularly for optimal performance.


Click here to view how to heat the DynaVap with a torch lighter. (Opens in YouTube)



Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 9.1cm x 1cm x 1cm
  • Weight: 18.5g
  • Manufacturer: DynaVap
  • Colour/Material: Choice of Colours, Stainless Steel
  • Type: Portable Thermal Extraction Device (Battery free Vaporiser)
  • Material Compatibility: Dry Herb  (Crumbles & Concentrates, with the purchase of the DynaCoil)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: DynaVap will replace 100% of defective products


Click here for the DynaVap Compatibility Chart


Click here to view the DynaVap Instructions Card

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RosiuM, VerdiuM


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