Storz & Bickel Volcano Balloon Tube

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Craft your very own volcano bags hassle-free with the 3-meter Balloon Tube. Food-safe, heat-proof, and odour-free material.

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Create your custom-sized volcano bags with ease using the 3-meter Balloon Tube. Made from food-safe material, this tube is heat-proof and odour-free, ensuring a safe vaping experience.


Each tube provides enough material to make four standard 60cm balloons, serving as a cost-effective replacement for Easy Valve and Solid Valve systems. Whether you prefer smaller or larger bags, the versatility of this balloon tube allows you to craft bags of any size, up to 3 meters in length. While assembling your bags may require a bit more effort, the savings compared to pre-made bags make it a worthwhile investment. Unlock the flexibility to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences with the 3-meter Balloon Tube.


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