Biggus Dickus 52cm Water Pipe

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Indulge in vaping bliss with the Biggus Dickus 52cm Water Pipe by Chongz. This triple percolator masterpiece ensures cool, smooth hits, elevating your vaporiser experience.


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The Biggus Dickus 52cm Water Pipe, the flagship creation from Chongz, is renowned for quality and innovation in the industry. Crafted from premium 6mm borosilicate glass with stylish mint accents, this towering water pipe stands at an impressive 52cm, making it the ultimate choice for discerning vapers.


Unrivalled Vaping Experience...

The Dr Death series represents the zenith of Chongz's craftsmanship, offering awe-inspiring design and functionality. Immerse yourself in the luxury of thick borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and a premium feel.

Triple Percolator Magic...

This colossal water pipe features three percolators strategically placed to deliver the smoothest and coolest hits imaginable. The vape journey begins with diffusers in the side chambers, breaking it into smaller particles for initial cooling. It then traverses through a third inline diffuser in the main body, before reaching the final chamber. Here, the percolator works its magic, further filtering and cooling the vapour to perfection.

Ice Pincher Innovation

The Dr Death boasts an ice pincher for the ultimate cool hit, a proven method to reduce impurities and enhance the overall vaping experience.


Key Features:

  • Height: 52cm
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Joint Size: 18mm
  • Manufacturer: Chongz
  • Colour/Material: Borosilicate Glass, Mint Accents
  • Product Type: Big Big Water Pipe, Triple Percolator


Step-by-step guide: Cleaning a Water Pipe

  1. Empty the Water Pipe: Pour out any remaining water or residue from the device.
  2. Disassemble: If your tool has removable parts, such as a bowl or downstem, remove them.
  3. Rinse with Warm Water: Rinse the device with warm water to remove loose debris.
  4. Add Isopropyl Alcohol and Salt: Pour a generous amount of isopropyl alcohol into the base of the water pipe. Add coarse salt to the device if it is super-soiled (optional). The salt acts as an abrasive to help scrub off residue.
  5. Plug Openings: If your device has multiple openings (such as the downstem and mouthpiece), use plugs or caps to seal them.
  6. Shake Vigorously: Cover the openings and shake the water pipe vigorously. The alcohol and salt mixture will scrub away resin and buildup.
  7. Soak and Shake Individual Parts: If your device has removable parts, like the bowl or downstem, place them in a plastic bag with isopropyl alcohol and salt. Shake the bag to clean these parts thoroughly.
  8. Use Pipe Cleaners or Cotton Swabs: For hard-to-reach areas, use pipe cleaners or cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the interior.
  9. Let It Soak (Optional but recommended): If there are stubborn stains or buildup, let the alcohol and salt mixture sit in the water pipe for some time before shaking again.
  10. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse the water pipe and all components thoroughly with warm water to remove any remaining alcohol, salt, or residue.
  11. Inspect and Repeat (If Necessary): Check for any remaining residue. If needed, repeat the process until the device is clean.
  12. Air Dry: Allow the water pipe and its components to air dry completely before reassembling and using it.


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