Tinymight XL 3D Cooling Stem

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Unlock smoother, cooler draws with the Tinymight Extra Long 3D Cooling Stem. Includes the rimmed basket. Compatible with Tinymight 1 & 2 models.

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Optimised Performance

Experience next-level vaping with the Tinymight XL 3D Cooling Stem. Designed with tiny dimples inside the glass, it efficiently cools down vapour without needing an additional cooling unit. This means smoother, more enjoyable sessions every time.


Enhanced Compatibility

The 3D cooling stem isn't just an accessory; it's a seamless extension of your Tinymight experience.

Compatible with both TM 1 & 2, it opens up new possibilities without compromising on functionality.


Secure Herb Material

The XL stem includes a rimmed basket screen, ensuring your herb material stays securely in place throughout your sessions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your vaping experience is as smooth and consistent as possible.


Effortless Maintenance

We believe in keeping things simple. That's why cleaning the XL stem is as easy as a quick rinse with hot water. For deeper cleaning, the rimmed basket screen can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes and easily brushed off, ensuring your vaping experience remains pristine.


Key Features:

  • Length: 17cm
  • Manufacturer: Tinymight
  • Colour/Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Type: Cooling Stem
  • Compatibility: Tinymight 1 & 2


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