Cristal Love 38cm Water Pipe

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Indulge in silky-smooth hits with the Chongz Cristal Love 38cm Water Pipe. Double percolator design, 7mm glass, and ice pinch.

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Experience the epitome of luxury with the Chongz Cristal Love 38cm Water Pipe. Crafted with precision, this water pipe stands at 38cm, delivering an exceptional user experience. The double percolator design, a standout feature, ensures each hit is remarkably smooth.

The 7mm glass thickness enhances durability, providing a sturdy and reliable companion for your vaping sessions. The ice pinch at the top of the water pipe allows you to further cool down your vapour, adding a refreshing touch to every inhale. (Vaporiser not included.)



  • Double percolator design for enhanced filtration
  • 7mm glass thickness for durability
  • Ice pinch for additional cooling
  • Compatible with dry herb, concentrates or crumbles
  • Suitable for use with your favourite vaporiser


Key Features:

  • Height: 38cm 
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Joint Size: 18.8mm 
  • Manufacturer: Chongz
  • Colour/Material: Glass
  • Product Type: Water Pipe, Double Percolator, Ice Pinch



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